Perfectly located just southeast of the Bahamas, the 40 low-lying islands of Turks & Caicos make an excellent option for some relaxation wrapped in luxury. Once home to notorious pirates, the shorelines and waterways of these unspoiled islands are now patrolled by chilled-out vacationers on paddleboards and kayaks, with sea turtles and brown pelicans as […]

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Caribbean Culture and Cuisine: Turks and Caicos

At Gourmet Adventures Travel Co., I craft culinary getaways for travelers who love to eat well and yearn to truly savor the authentic side of their destination. From a river cruise through Provencal wine country to a journey through the heady spice markets and medinas of Morocco, you'll taste your way through the world's most enchanting landscapes.

My secret sauce for perfectly planned escapes? Before I was a travel advisor, I was a chef-so you can trust me to sniff out the best culinary experiences abroad, steer you to life-changing restaurants, and bake up a vacation truly fit for your food-loving soul.  Through my industry connections and first-hand experiences, I am able to uncover "off-menu" adventures for you.  And since everybody's palate is different, your culinary travel journey will be uniquely tailored to what you want to see, do and taste.