Want to explore the art of crafting a delightful French New Year’s Eve feast at home. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your journey into French-inspired celebrations, you can enjoy the culinary delights of a Parisian-inspired soirée. Setting the Stage for a French New Year’s Eve Extravaganza Create a welcoming atmosphere at home […]

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 A Guide to a French New Year’s Eve Feast

French New Year's Eve

Do you have a green thumb AND the travel bug? Why not give your garden a passport? Plant a garden inspired by popular vacation spots. Here are some destination-specific plants you should consider. Mix and match as you wish, just make sure that the plants you select will thrive in the climate in which you […]

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Plant a food garden inspired by travel

plant a global food garden

We all know the feeling when we’ve haven’t been eating healthy on vacation. Having had way too much for too many days in a row: the total lack of energy, the bloating, dehydration, headaches, or hangovers, the pronounced jet lag, the increased susceptibility to getting sick. All of these things can really get in the […]

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Eating healthy on vacation? Try these tips!

Eating Healthy on vacation

What to eat and what to see on your first visit to the vibrant county of Portugal. This southern European country certainly doesn’t lack natural or architectural beauty. It’s no wonder you have a desire to visit Portugal. There’s a never-ending number of things to do and see and eat! So, where should you even […]

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Top Tips for Your First Trip to Portugal

Vacations, even simple weekend getaways, can be full of adventure — that’s part of the great appeal, after all. However, if you value a delicious, high-quality meal along with your adventure, then check out these four apps. You will find the best food when you travel, anywhere your heart and palate take you. When you’re […]

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Finding the Best Food When You Travel

The South of France is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. The towns of Provence offer visitors a unique experience, as well as a chance to experience the French Riviera lifestyle. From the picturesque villages nestled between rolling hills and vineyards, to the bustling cities lined with cafes and boutiques, Provence has […]

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Must Visit Towns in Provence

Using a travel Agent

Short on time in the Eternal City? Rome is an extraordinary capital, and it can take weeks or more to get in all the sites, cuisine, and culture. Traveling can often be stressful when visiting a place that has so much to offer. Whether you are stopping by on a cruise itinerary or visiting the […]

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Guide to Seeing the Best of Rome in 3 Days

Must-Do Activities for Wine Lovers and Non-Drinkers Alike Welcome to the enchanting world of Bordeaux, France. This southwestern city is not just a destination, but a experience that blends historical grandeur, cultural vibrancy, and gastronomic excellence. As you meander through its charming streets you’ll marvel at its architectural wonders. It won’t take long to discover […]

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What to see in Bordeaux, France

Salzburg is a sparkling diamond within the tiny gem of a country, Austria. You cannot help but fall in love with the charming shopping streets, riverside views, welcoming citizens, and of course the pastries and cuisine. 💎 Located in the middle of Europe and made up of nine federated states, Austria is one of the […]

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15 Top Experiences in Salzburg, Austria (A Gem within a Gem)

10 Reasons Why Ocean Cruisers Will Love River Cruising When comes to cruising, ocean voyages have long been a top choice for vacationers. Offering affordability, convenience, and the assurance of having everything you need in one place, they are a perfect way to embark on an amazing getaway. What could be better than that? Well, […]

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River Cruising vs Ocean Cruising

River Cruising in Paris

At Gourmet Adventures Travel Co., I craft culinary getaways for travelers who love to eat well and yearn to truly savor the authentic side of their destination. From a river cruise through Provencal wine country to a journey through the heady spice markets and medinas of Morocco, you'll taste your way through the world's most enchanting landscapes.

My secret sauce for perfectly planned escapes? Before I was a travel advisor, I was a chef-so you can trust me to sniff out the best culinary experiences abroad, steer you to life-changing restaurants, and bake up a vacation truly fit for your food-loving soul.  Through my industry connections and first-hand experiences, I am able to uncover "off-menu" adventures for you.  And since everybody's palate is different, your culinary travel journey will be uniquely tailored to what you want to see, do and taste.