Hi, I'm Jennifer

founder of
Gourmet Adventures Travel Co.

Sharing meals together is the quickest way to immerse yourself into the local culture.

That's a travel truth I really learned after I opened my own catering business in 2002. When I wasn’t cooking up creative meals for my clients, I was traveling the world for culinary inspiration to bring back home. With my chef’s eye—or, really, palate—leading the way, I would seek out experiences that were deeply rooted in a sense of place. And nine times out of ten, those experiences involved food!

From hunting for banana ketchup in St. Kitts, to tasting some life-changing whipped burrata in a bustling Madrid market, my culinary encounters were consistently the highlights of my trips—and they almost always lead to me swapping kitchen stories with the farmers at the market, the pastry chefs leading my macaron classes, or the waiters shaving truffles over my pasta.


All too often, those life-changing culinary travel moments aren’t in the guidebooks. Through my industry connections and first-hand travel experiences, I’m able to uncover these “off-menu” adventures for you. And since everybody’s palate is different, your culinary travel journey will be uniquely tailored to what you want to see, do, and taste.

So if you believe the quickest route to discovering the heart of your destination is through the stomach—I think we’d get along!

Get to know Jennifer:  5 Fast Facts

• I’m a total Francophile—I’ve been to France 30+ times, visited nearly every department, and have lost count of how many macaron classes I’ve taken!
• In honor of my 50th birthday year, I spent most of 2019 living out of suitcase, hitting up Paris, Tahiti, Manitoba, Cabo, Spain and more.
• My favorite restaurant in the world? Guy Savoy in Paris—though sometimes I’ll go to the Las Vegas outpost when I need my foie gras fix.
• Besides the food scene, I love to explore art museums when I travel. (I was an art history major in college)

• I try to hit up a grocery store in every place I visit—what they stock and how it’s all packaged is always so revealing. 

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