More than just incredible pasta, truffles, and tiramisu. Italy is rich in history and culture. And, one of the easiest countries to find on a map 👢. The land was first inhabited by Etruscans before others like the Celts, Phoenicians, and Greeks. And let’s not forget the Roman Empire which was founded in 753BC. It […]

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Italy

Top spot s in Italy

Shimmering seas. Beautiful beaches. Awesome adventures. Relaxing resorts. Cabo San Lucas is a must-see destination! If you’re planning your first visit, here are some top spots you don’t want to miss. 1. Visit El Arco and Playa del Amor.  You will need a boat to get to these iconic locations. The water is usually calm […]

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Top 7 things to do in Los Cabos

Things to do in Los Cabos

Ready to taste your way through the enchanting capital of Hungary? From cozy cafes to the bustling food market halls, there are so many things to do in Budapest for food lovers. Read on to learn some of my top culinary experiences in the city. Budapest is full of wonders. Regardless of your reason to […]

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Things to do in Budapest – For Foodies

Have you been to Madrid? My first encounter with the city was a short 24 hour layover on route to Mallorca. Those few hours set off a strong desire to return for more. With so much to see and so many wonderful things to eat, three – four days is best for exploring this great […]

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Where to go and what to eat in Madrid

What to eat and what to see on your first visit to the vibrant county of Portugal. This southern European country certainly doesn’t lack natural or architectural beauty. It’s no wonder you have a desire to visit Portugal. There’s a never-ending number of things to do and see and eat! So, where should you even […]

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Top Tips for Your First Trip to Portugal

You can expect fresh ingredients and loads of flavors whenever you indulge in some of the top foods in Greece, found throughout the country. Their healthy traditional recipes will leave you wanting more, and fortunately, there are a ton of excellent restaurants, eateries, and cafes to choose from. To help you figure out what Greek dish […]

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Top Foods in Greece

Greece restaurant by the sea

Vacations, even simple weekend getaways, can be full of adventure — that’s part of the great appeal, after all. However, if you value a delicious, high-quality meal along with your adventure, then check out these four apps. You will find the best food when you travel, anywhere your heart and palate take you. When you’re […]

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Finding the Best Food When You Travel

Short on time in the Eternal City? Rome is an extraordinary capital, and it can take weeks or more to get in all the sites, cuisine, and culture. Traveling can often be stressful when visiting a place that has so much to offer. Whether you are stopping by on a cruise itinerary or visiting the […]

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Guide to Seeing the Best of Rome in 3 Days

Foie Gras, Castles, and Josephine Baker… Called the home of 1001 castles and a French gastronomy center, the Dordogne River Valley, in the Perigord region of France, is perfect for a family holiday or romantic escape. Easily accessible through Bordeaux from Paris, it’s a great way to experience the French countryside. Whether you’re interested in […]

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Exploring the Dordogne Region of France

At Gourmet Adventures Travel Co., I craft culinary getaways for travelers who love to eat well and yearn to truly savor the authentic side of their destination. From a river cruise through Provencal wine country to a journey through the heady spice markets and medinas of Morocco, you'll taste your way through the world's most enchanting landscapes.

My secret sauce for perfectly planned escapes? Before I was a travel advisor, I was a chef-so you can trust me to sniff out the best culinary experiences abroad, steer you to life-changing restaurants, and bake up a vacation truly fit for your food-loving soul.  Through my industry connections and first-hand experiences, I am able to uncover "off-menu" adventures for you.  And since everybody's palate is different, your culinary travel journey will be uniquely tailored to what you want to see, do and taste.