Top Five Tips for an Unforgettable Experience The Paris Olympics 2024 is one of the most anticipated global events of the decade. As the world prepares for the games, the excitement is building up among travel enthusiasts, Francophiles, and sports fans. The city of love and lights, Paris, adorned with Olympic rings, will host more […]

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Going to Paris Olympics 2024

Paris Olympics

Mastering the Art of Eating around Paris: An Insider’s Guide Embarking on a gastronomic journey in the City of Light and want to feel like a local? I’ve got you covered! As a seasoned travel advisor with a focus on culinary explorations in Paris, I’m here to share insider tips for mastering the art of […]

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Top Tips for Eating in Paris

Eating in France

Travelling can be exhausting. Whether it’s an early train ride to the next city or the third full day of touring the Louvre. Sometimes even non-coffee drinkers need a pick-me up in the form of that caffeinated nectar of the gods. Ordering coffee in France can sometimes be a bit tricky for travelers. But once […]

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Coffee in Paris

There is nothing like Christmas in Paris. The romantic city of lights gets even more magical during the holidays. From Christmas Eve Mass at one of the Gothic churches to window shopping on the Champs Elysees, your Parisian dreams become a reality in November and December. Here are a few of my favorite things to […]

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Christmas in Paris

Do you dream of renting an apartment in Paris? Your own little slice of the city of lights with wine and cheese on the terrace? With so many options available this scenario is closer to reality than you may realize. There are apartments for every budget, lifestyle, and decor preference. Before you press the “book […]

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Renting an Apartment in Paris – Top Ten Tips

Paris Apartment

Ready to eat like a local in Paris? Food is one of the best ways to learn about a different culture. As you eat in France, you’ll find this couldn’t be more true. After all, cuisine, menu, and dessert are all French words! Try eating like a local for every meal to get a true […]

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How to eat like a local in Paris

eat like a local in Paris

Ready to plan a trip to France? Ready to eat all that fabulous food? Worried about how you’ll actually dine in French Restaurants? Well, worry no longer! I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know right here.

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French Restaurants Dining Guide

Fining Dining In French Restaurants

Much like the USA, there are department stores in Paris selling everything from dumbbells to doll houses, hammers to handbags and lipstick to lampshades. But, they do one thing very differently. They have entire floors dedicated to food. Food you can eat at the counter, food you can take away, even fine cuisine with white […]

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Department Stores in Paris

Paris Department Store

And why should you go to one?  Chefs across the globe yearn for a Michelin Star on their door. Guests travel thousands of miles just to sit at one of these lauded tables (and sometimes spend a load of cash too!). What’s the big deal about a Michelin-starred restaurant? Here are the basics: According to […]

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What is a Michelin-starred restaurant?

Amuse bouche at Mirazur Restaurant Menton France

Paris and pastry go hand in hand.  It’s almost impossible to think of one without the other. Immediately, pastel-colored patisseries come to mind, filled with sweet temptations of every sort.  Below you will discover three iconic desserts and where to find them in the French capital.  The Tarte Au Citron – Tarte Au Citron, also […]

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Sweet Tooth for Paris – Part 2

At Gourmet Adventures Travel Co., I craft culinary getaways for travelers who love to eat well and yearn to truly savor the authentic side of their destination. From a river cruise through Provencal wine country to a journey through the heady spice markets and medinas of Morocco, you'll taste your way through the world's most enchanting landscapes.

My secret sauce for perfectly planned escapes? Before I was a travel advisor, I was a chef-so you can trust me to sniff out the best culinary experiences abroad, steer you to life-changing restaurants, and bake up a vacation truly fit for your food-loving soul.  Through my industry connections and first-hand experiences, I am able to uncover "off-menu" adventures for you.  And since everybody's palate is different, your culinary travel journey will be uniquely tailored to what you want to see, do and taste.